Cordyceps – A knowhow of the Side effects


This is a natural supplement extract. Cordyceps sinensis can accelerate recovery process and it comes with very strong immune boosting capabilities. It is becoming popular among marathon runners and athletes.

In the year 1993 this supplement gained popularity in West. It was in use by Track and Field team of China. They made it public in this year. This team was setting many world records and they were always performing intense workouts. Later people came to know the reason behind this. A drink prepared using C. Sinensis was the main reason behind all their achievements.

Now, it is the focus of many studies which mainly concentrate on its ability to improve general health, its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Recently it is renamed as Ophiocordyceps sinensis. This is because it is not similar to Cordyceps genus family. This family contains 400 species but this particular parasitic fungus was not similar to any of them.

This fungus feeds on caterpillar larva and can be found in high altitude Himalayan regions. This is characterized as black bladed parasitic fungus. It hibernates in winter so at this time it parasitizes the caterpillar.

It enters the body of caterpillar through body cavity by using its mycelium. This causes gradual death of the host since the fungus mummifies it. This parasitic fungus initially starts growing from the head of the host. In Tibet and China this mycelium and stroma are in use in their traditional medicine from many years. Studies are now focusing on its benefits and the reason behind it.

Used as a phyto-nutrient:

This fungus has a plant chemical called phytochemical this is said be the reason behind its medical properties. It also contains many nucleosides including uridine, guanine, adenosine, deoxyuridine, inosine, guanosine, hypoxanthine and thymine. It also comes with minerals, vitamins, cordycepin, fatty acids, proteins, mannitol, ergosterol, and beta glucan polysaccharides.

Along with all these there are numerous other plant chemicals in C.sinensis fungus which are not yet tested and isolated for their benefits.

There are fewer studies to prove all these benefits but they are based on traditional medicine and are in use from years. Its use to improve overall health in an individual should be studied further in a large scale.

Side effects:

Here is some information on side effects. Usually in most cases it is tolerated by users. Even with routine supplementation, there won’t be any permanent and dangerous side effects. Mild side effects include nausea and dry mouth but even they disappear quickly.

Even these side effects are noted from user reviews. They are no scientific study to prove them. But if one is already taking other medications, then it is necessary to consult doctor before taking this supplement.

If one is already taking medications that are related to immune system like immunosuppressants, then they should avoid taking this supplement because even this targets the immune system. One who is suffering from either low blood sugar or diabetes, should avoid this supplementation since it can affect blood sugar levels.