Guide to Orange county detox Program


At the first stage, if necessary, the activities of emergency narcology for detoxification, withdrawal from drinking-out, lift the state of hangover, deep cleaning of the body.

Different Treatments for Deaddiction

Then there is treatment of alcoholism with laser reflex therapy, allowing for a short time to remove the formed pathological craving for alcohol. In parallel, or with a time shift, TPP therapy is performed, restoring the ability of the brain to produce its own endogenous endorphins, which is necessary, since in the dependent they are mainly exogenous, produced by the action of alcohol or other psychoactive substance. Complex influence of reflex therapy and TPP therapy in individually selected volumes and proportions allows almost completely removing physical dependence, craving for alcohol for a long period of time.

From the very beginning of the course of Orange county detox treatment with the help of homeopathic preparations, metabolic disturbances are corrected, the immune system is restored. All drugs used are 100% natural. Home therapy in conjunction with the methods of quantum and thermal therapy allows you to completely eliminate the dependence in the long term – forever.

The incorporated bases allow the method of the RAS to work objectively , in addition to the will and desire of the patient, without the need for a hard impact on his psyche, without forming in the mind of prohibitive barriers and installations. In some cases, when a doctor on preliminary testing reveals a significant proportion of emotional dependence, which is usually the case with ” female “, ” adolescent “Alcoholism, in parallel with treatment according to the method of the treatment, the work of a psychotherapist or psychologist can be carried out, but in this case the methods of” coding “, rigid psychological prohibitions do not apply – it is only a mild” rational “correction for the formation of positive-creative goals and behaviors In difficult cases, chemical blocking can be applied with the use of newer drugs such as Naltrexone and Vivitrol, or bodily-oriented best therapy working at deep levels in the subconscious.

Advantages and differences of the method

After passing the full course of treatment of alcohol dependence and subsequent rehabilitation by the method of detoxification, the patient develops a normal reaction to alcohol. That is, in most cases, with a single use of alcoholic beverages, the possibility of independent control of the dose of drunken, self-control of behavior in a state of intoxication is returned. The reaction of aversion to alcohol is formed subsequently, and accordingly, there is no desire to continue the use of alcoholic beverages. There is no craving for alcohol in general.

The complex uses the most effective methods of treatment of alcoholism and tobacco smoking in combination, allowing covering all areas of damage to the organism at the deepest structural levels.

The computer-aided analytical program was developed on the basis of an extensive statistical base that was collected. The program allows high-precision diagnosis of the degree of dependence, the state of the organism, the degree of damage to various structures, and guarantees an error-free selection of the optimal treatment of dependence, minimizes the likelihood of medical error.