Why FUT Hair Transplant is the Best Option


The hair transplant procedure is a boon in the cosmetic surgery that is a single and a permanent solution to the problem of pattern hair loss. The genetic baldness or pattern baldness is transferred from one generation to another and both the parent is responsible for presenting the case. The hair transplant in Australia is now being a familiar option as the graph of getting affected by the hair loss problem in Australia is mainly due to the conditional problem rather than the genetic issues. It doesn’t mean that the genetic issues are not a predominant factor to present baldness in Australia as the graph of hereditary baldness is static all over the world and data says that around 60% of patients get affected by the pattern hair loss.

The procedure of root shifting in the restoration procedure applies the process of hair root extraction that is either done by the FUT technique or through the FUE technique. Both the technique of hair root shifting in the hair transplantation allowed a Surgeon to collect the live hair roots in order to implant them into the affected bald area of the scalp. The later step of the procedure confirms the aesthetic bonding and involves the process of the recipient site creation or slit formation, the designing part of the hairline according to the patient’s age, facial profile, profession, and the last, but not least the gender factor does matter in the restoration job.

The Techniques of Hair Transplantation:

  1. The FUT Hair Transplant:

The FUT hair transplant or the strip method to perform the extraction job involves greatly the permanent zone in order to receive the best number of grafts to fulfill the expected cosmetic goal of the surgery. The involvement of the occipital and parietal part of the head to collect the viable hair roots are easily achieved via the dissection job that is done under the higher magnification of microscopes.

The FUT is all allowed in every case or NW-grade of baldness because of their increasing relevance in the hair restoration world.

  1. The FUE Hair Transplant:

The FUE hair transplant or the follicular unit extraction is the way of extracting the follicular unit/graft via the process of random punching with the help of punching machine/tools. The FUE hair transplant is just an alternate to perform the restoration surgery due to their limitation to extract the graft from the donor as it is based on the speculation or forecasting ability of a Surgeon.

The Limitations of the FUE Technique:

  • The FUE hair transplant is allowed for the younger patients who wish to get the transplantation done to avoid the hair loss case as much year as possible
  • The follicular unit extraction is acceptable when the baldness degree is in its primitive stage, i.e., II or III
  • It is good for the body hair transplant, i.e., the chest, moustache and eyebrow.

The Strength of the FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant:

  • The FUT is very much applicable to the higher Norwood grade of baldness, i.e., the NW-IV, V, VI or VII
  • The received hair follicles in the FUT technique are for lifelong as it never falls out due to their resistivity characteristics
  • The FUT technique is allowed to offer the densely-packed hair roots
  • The FUT technique is the best option to solve the pattern baldness, as it facilitates the option of getting the highest number of hair roots in a single session
  • The hair follicles received through the strip harvesting process is the most sustainable due to their extraction from the safe donor part of the scalp.


The restoration procedure of hair is always being a permanent option to treat the Androgenic alopecia, but the only difference between the old time cosmetic job and the advanced way to do the procedure is the involvement of the best method, affordable price, and the innovative technique for suturing the incision areas set the surgical job aside from the rest of the regular cosmetic surgeries.